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HidroPoint offers high performance pumps in various designs. Select the Category and Model to see details of the product.

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Category Model
Water Well Pump HPCJ50
Water Well Pump - HPCJ50

Cast Iron Convertible Well Jet Pump equipped with a 10' 3-prong grounding-type power cord. The maximum flow rate is up to 50 GPH.
  • For water well 0 - 80 feet in depth
  • Pumps up to 480 GPH at 40 psi
  • Dual voltage 115/230 volts, high efficiency, single phase permanent split capacitor motor
  • Pressure switch included pre-set at 20 psi "on"/40 psi "off" for automatic operation
  • 1" NPT discharge, 1-1/4" NPT suction

Model HP Voltage GPH of Water @ Total Feet (Meters) of Lift
(Height above pump outlet)
30 ft (9.15 m) 60 ft (18.3 m) 90 ft (27.45 m)
HPCJ50 1/2 115/230 576 543 480 132 ft